Is there an idiom that means something looks alive and real? I am pretty sure I have read or heard it before, but I can't remember it at all. If you can't think of an idiom that means that, can you think of an idiom that means something seems to be alive, or that means something looks real?

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The question is a bit vague as there is no context. You could have used a Thesaurus. Here is what I found at a quick look up Cambridge Thesaurus: lifelike synonyms and related words True, real, false, and unreal: all that glitters is not gold idiom properly speaking idiom at heart idiom be a matter of record idiom be off the mark idiom have have a/the ring of truth idiom hold true idiom hold water idiom in all but name idiom in name only idiom nothing could be further from the truth idiom nothing could have been further from my mind/thoughts idiom ring true idiom ring true/false idiom seeing things idiom the fact remains idiom there's no escaping the fact idiom there's nothing in sth idiom there's something in sth idiom

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