chapter 1 of the book "Machine Learning - A Probabilistic Perspective" says

The second main type of machine learning is the descriptive or unsupervised learning approach. Here we are only given inputs ...

similar expressions


Here we are only given inputs


Here we are given only inputs

which one is more idiomatic?


"Only" is an emphatic word. The interest of the question is that it goes against what would be structurally expected.

You could attach only to different parts of the sentence for interesting effects: [S], here, we, are+given, inputs. (Note that be+given is not properly 2 words, but the passive conjugation of give)

1) Only,here we are given inputs.

2) Only here we are given inputs.

3) Here only we are given inputs.

4) Here we are only given inputs.

5) Here we are given only inputs.

Contrasting them together gives a clear idea of what I mean. 4 is the one more idiomatic, however syntactically it would contrast with: Here we are only given inputs (but no one receives feedback).

Fun question ;)

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