If someone says to me that

You unfollowed me!

Which answer is correct?

1) I never followed you

2) I've never followed you

I feel like both are correct, but I can't understand the difference between them.


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​Ref: Cambridge E.D. enter link description here strong text I've UK ​ /aɪv/ US ​ /aɪv/

short form of I have:

have auxiliary verb [ + past participle ] UK ​ strong /hæv/ weak /həv/ /əv/ US ​ strong /hæv/ weak /həv/ /əv/ had | had (also 've/'s)

​used with the past participle of other verbs to form the present perfect and past perfect:


1) I never followed you: has no indication of tense

2) I've never followed you: indicates the tense as described above Therefore I suppose technically 2 is correct. However Followed as opposed to Follow shows an indication of tense in the use of ed at the end

Ref as above: -ed suffix enter link description here

(also -d) UK ​ / -t/ /-d/ /-ɪd/ /-əd/ US ​ / -t/ /-d/ /-ɪd/ /-əd/ ​ used to form the past simple and past participle of regular verbs:

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