Mind you means in a dictionary: "Used to make a sentese less strong or general"

For example - I'm lazy - I go to gym on Saturdays, mind you.

But, does "mind you" mean the same thing in these phrases?

1- Don't be concerned about me, I'm good! Mind you

2- Tom can be here, mind

  1. Should be Don't be concerned about me, Mind you. I'm good!

Although I cannot imagine anyone saying it. "Don't be concerned about me, I'm good!" would be normal.

  1. Is wrong, where is the retort?


He's very untidy about the house; mind you, I'm not much better.

I know I'm lazy - I did go swimming yesterday, mind.Link C.E.D.

  • I consider the use of this phrase quite old fashioned (and I am not young). Maybe it's a regional thing but I do not hear it used much. – Brad Jul 29 at 15:40
  • I saw this in a game yesterday. And I use the dictionary MacMillan and that second example is from it – Thinking Boi Jul 30 at 15:13
  • No it is not. Tom might be there, mind.is what it says in MacMillan – Brad Jul 30 at 15:27
  • Yeah, that was what I meant when I wrote that comment. – Thinking Boi Jul 30 at 22:02

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