This is one of the lyrics in "Still Fallin" sung by Hunter Hayes.

The lyrics go,

"And after every sunrise holding you,

after all the crazy we've been through,

every day and every minute, girl it's something new,

I'm still learning, still burning, still wanting, still all-in, still fallin."

Here, is "And after every sunrise holding you" a metaphor for 'after long time has passed'?

What does a 'sunrise holding you' mean? I don't get it.

If anyone's out there to help me, I'd really appreciate it :) Thanks xx


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I believe that you are misunderstanding the meaning.

It (probably) means: And after every sunrise (when I woke up) holding you - it's not that the sunrise was doing the holding, but that the holding was done (by the narrator) during the sunrise, indicating they spent the night together.

I say (probably) because it is hard to know what the author meant to communicate. This is how I interpret these words.

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