I was thinking about it so much it even [got into] my dreams

Is there a verb I could use here to express some idea spread all over my mind it penetrated (?) my dreams (subconsciousness)? The synonym in my mothertongue translates to something like "pervade" or "infiltrate" through a barrier.


Your suggestions are already very good

✔️Yes: it got into my dreams

Is perfectly clear and works well in conversational English.

Your other suggestions,


  • penetrated my dreams, penetrated my subconscious, pervaded or infiltrated my dreams

are perfect, and so is “it invaded my dreams”.


The question is "the idea * into my dreams*

In English the act of something/body entering into your dreams indicates that you are in an extreme state of Bliss/anxiety/etc.


I dreamed about her again, I just cannot get her out of my head.

I cannot stop thinking about this new installation, I even dreamed about work last night.

So it is a little different from your mother language. I think filtered is the action you suggest but it does not sound so good in this context. However, I could suggest percolate or percolated this may give the impression of something bubbling through your mind and entering your dreams. As I do not know the context you wish to use, it could be that something more harsh like Encroached on or even Violated maybe suitable. Of course, the good old fashioned "entered" could still be the best choice!

I was thinking about it so much it even entered into my dreams

  • Thank you for this general perspective, that's exactly what I was looking for. But what would be the correct form? The idea "percolated into" my dreams? Or just "percolated"? – Probably Jul 31 '19 at 5:41
  • 1
    @Probably "percolated into". I was thinking about it so much it even entered into my dreams is a common phrase so using this as a reference, just replace entered into with percolated into. – Brad Jul 31 '19 at 5:54

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