I can realize that (was/were + p.p) is simple past passive ,But in this case (I wasn't finished) I can't realize to be the object ,How can I be finished , What does that mean ?

When I studied simple past passive, objects were things that the verbs can be done on it , like : apples can be eaten (The apple was eaten by someone) ,Or keys can be stolen (The key was stolen by someone).

I heard this sentence in term of that you have been interrupted ,and you haven't finished yet.

Can anyone explain this ?


Yes, it's correct to say that.

The form is identical to was + past participle, but it is not a passive construction.

Finished is an adjective here, formed from the past participle.

See https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/finished

Finished is a state that describes the subject just like hungry in I was hungry.

See, for additional explanation:


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