I asked a question in this post.

To illustrate this, I am trying to find a concrete example.

let $(A_n)_{n=2}^\infty$ denote the sequence of sets $A_n$

where $A_n$ is the set of primes $\le n (n\ge 2)$.

$A_2={2},\ A_3={2,3},A_4=A_3,A_5={2,3,5},...$

where by "abstract", I mean the conceptual term sequence of sets, by "concrete example", I mean ({2},{2,3},{2,3,5},...)

similarly, a number is an example of "abstract", 1, 2, 0.5 are examples of the "opposite of abstract"

In this context, Is the opposite of abstract "concrete", "particular", "specific" or other word?

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In this context, "particular", "specfic" and "concrete" are synonymous. You could use any term.

Wiktionary gives "Concrete (adjective):... 3. Particular, specific, rather than in general"


The opposite of abstract is defined

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