I saw someone saying this on television actually I really didn't get the meaning. Can I use being this way or should I use because?

Your legs are tanned! They were being outside.

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    I've edited that information into the question. In future, please don't leave out important facts like that. You now need to edit to tell us the exact source of the quote, please also provide more context. Who was saying this? What did the say after and before? Is it possible that you misheard, or is it possible that the subtitles were wrong? – James K Aug 5 at 20:22

I can think of a few ways to make this awkward pair of sentences work:

Your legs are tanned! They have been outside.    (change were being to have been)

Your legs are tanned from being outside.    (change were being to from being)

There is also your suggestion:

Your legs are tanned because they were outside.    (drop the being and insert because)

As for what you saw (or think you saw), I have no idea if that was misheard by you, or deliberately made to sound unintelligent by the scriptwriters. There is no way to tell without additional details.

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