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In the next section we introduce a stochastic process called a Markov chain which does allow for correlations and also has enough structure and simplicity to allow for computations to be carried out. We will also see that Markov chains can be used to model a number of the above examples.

Cambridge gives this explanation of allow for

to consider someone or something when you are planning something

and this explanation of allow

to give permission for someone to do something, or to not prevent something from happening

Although there seems to be some nuances between "allow" and "allow for".

Could "allow for" be replaced by "allow" in this particular case?

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If the referent is the Markov chain, I see no issue with the use of "allow," as it is the chain that is, by design, carrying out correlations and computations. If, however, the referent is their introducing a stochastic process, "allow for" is appropriate. They themselves do not execute the correlations and computations, but they set in motion a process in which they can be. So, in effect, they allow for the correlations and computations the Markhov chain allows to be carried out to happen.

Read the sentence again. It's obvious the referent is the chain, The structure of the chain is mentioned before computations is brought in. This noticed, I think "allow" is best.

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