Consider the situation. A soldier returns home safe and sound from war. And his mother says

It is such a blessing for him to come back safe!

It is grammatically correct to change this to

Him coming back safe is such a blessing!

update: I apologize if I gave a bad example to describe the question. An answer pointed out that this is more of a matter of meaning than of grammar. However, that is not what I had intended to ask. Hopefully this new example will sound better.

It is unacceptable for this information to be leaked.

It is grammatical to change it to

This information getting leaked is unacceptable.


Can the structure “sb doing” replace a clause? It is grammatically correct to change this to

I suggest that your question is not correct, once again the question is about grammar whilst disregarding meaning or use. "Such" is a word used to emphasis things. So what is the important thing in this sentence? The Blessing or that he has come home safe? I would suggest that the original sentence emphasis both whilst the second does not and also alters the meaning. Lets show this by substituting the meaning of Blessing for it's meaning (something that is extremely lucky or makes you happy) in the sentences

It is such luck/happiness for him to come back safe He is very lucky/happy to have been able to come back

Him coming back safe is such luck/happy His coming back brings a lot of luck/happiness because he is back

So the "whether the grammar may be correct" or not is in my opinion a little irrelevant. The use and therefore meaning should be the more important factor.

Blessing noun (LUCKY SITUATION) Cambridge English dictionary something that is extremely lucky or makes you happy:

P.S. I would also suggest that the use of blessing is wrong in both sentences as I believe that it is trying to imply that the mothers prayers have been answered rather than the luck involved with her son's return.

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