Should there be an apostrophe after husband when writing "she is predeceased by her husband's" or should it be husbands?

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The apostrophe is used to indicate the possessive, not the plural. Therefore:

  • If she is predeceased by a single husband, then just "by her husband".
  • If she is predeceased by more than one husband, then definitely "by her husbands" (with no apostrophe).

  • If she is predeceased by something that belongs to her husband, then you can say "her husband's (dog/cat/elephant/turtle/whatever)."

  • She was predeceased by her husband and by her husband's two sons. – GEdgar Aug 18 at 12:01
  • ...and by her husband's two sons' dogs as well. – Michael Login Aug 18 at 12:26

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