... I am sure you don't need any help coming up with new ideas. (It is from a tv-series. A is saying this to B ironically because B keeps coming up with absurd ideas all the time.)

Is this sentence grammatical as is? or Should it be rewritten as in:

I am sure you don't need any help in coming up with new ideas.

I am sure you don't need any help to come up with new ideas.


Someone may disagree with one or other of the three sentences, but all of them are acceptable in idiomatic English. All 3 versions get well over one million hits each if you Google them.

  • Note that Google Web Search isn't a curated English corpus, and the number of results it reports is an estimate (which is often quite off). For that, try COCA. (It's pretty easy to use.) – user3395 Aug 20 '19 at 0:50
  • @userr2684291 point taken, I wasn't aware of that site and I agree that Google counts are not accurate. Using the COCA, the British National corpus and the iWeb data bases all 3 phrases are, very approximately, equally represented. – Peter Jennings Aug 20 '19 at 21:57

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