Today I learned that the device used for weighing people at home is called 'bathroom scale' because it is kept in a bathroom in the U.S..

For me, who come from an environment where it wasn't kept in bathroom, It sounds awkward that the device is called 'bathroom scale'. I'm just saying...

By the way, I have a question about this. Even if their 'bathroom scale' is not in bathroom actually, nonetheless they still call it 'bathroom scale'?

I think I should have asked this question first. Are there people(American) who keep it in a different place where is not a bathroom?


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You're right, bathroom scales appear to be of a norm. I perceive from a quick search online it is a category to all if not most commercial stores when shopping for all scales.

Even when not precisely located, it may still appropriately be called a bathroom scale.

I believe in a culture differing from that of U.S. the combination of both these words, bathroom and scale, would be more likely to be interpreted as separate from one another.

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