Facebook has added a Finnish firm that makes a fitness tracking app to its ever-increasing portfolio of purchases.

Helsinki-based ProtoGeo created the Moves app that uses a smartphone's built-in sensors to track activity and calories burned.

The acquisition offers the social network an entry into the burgeoning health technology market.

Other recent purchases include mobile messaging firm WhatsApp and virtual headset maker Oculus.

Facebook did not reveal how much it paid for ProtoGeo, which has fewer than 10 employees, but it is believed to be a fraction of the price it has paid for more high-profile firms recently.
Source: BBC News – Facebook buys fitness app firm

Does the word "virtual" mean particular or special or unique or perhaps artificial? All these are actually a combination of my research in dictionaries and my perception. And I think all these definitions are possible in our new world!

And my perception is that the word fraction, simply means: less than. Am I right?


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You are quite close!

In the text, "virtual headset maker Oculus" refers to a company named Oculus Rift, which is well-known for various virtual reality products. Here is one of their virtual reality headsets:

enter image description here

The word virtual in virtual headset maker refers to the word virtual in virtual reality. As you suggested, you can think of "virtual reality" as an artificial reality.

The phrase "a fraction of the price it has paid for more high-profile firms recently" means that, compared to the price it has paid (for those other firms recently), the price it paid for ProtoGeo is only a fraction. Fraction means "a small part or amount of something".

  • Good answer. It's worth calling extra attention to what you said about "virtual": it's being used as an abbreviation of "virtual reality". "Virtual" itself means "not real, but a close simulation"; if my bank balance is virtually zero, I do have some money, but not enough to matter. (Taken literally, "virtual headset maker" means they don't make real headsets!) A similar usage is "virtual friends". They might be very real friends, but we only have virtual social contact (over the internet). Jun 22, 2014 at 15:33

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