I would like to know the meaning of "at a loss" in the following context.

I had a friend, a girl. One day I asked her to stop being friends. So she sent me a message saying:

"Only God will know who is at a loss here... hmm is it you who loses the potential of having a good friend or is it me ?"

What is "at a loss" expressing? I wonder if it is expressing something like "in trouble".

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    This sentence uses the idiom incorrectly. It may be that the person doesn't understand the idiom, or has heard it used incorrectly and is repeating the mistake. – Andrew Aug 24 at 22:05

To be 'at a loss' means 'to not to know what to do or say', e.g. 'I'm at a loss to know how I can help you', 'it was unlike him to be at a loss for words'. It is followed by words specifying what the speaker cannot say or does not know, for example at a loss for words, at a loss to explain something, etc. It is unusual to just say 'at a loss' with nothing following. The expression 'who is at a loss here', in the context given, is not natural, and the following words make me think the speaker meant something like 'who is the loser here'.

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