Libel schmibel. The dead can't sue.

What does “libel schmibel” mean?

Another word to say it?



Shm-reduplication is a form of reduplication in which the original word or its first syllable (the base) is repeated with the copy (the reduplicant) beginning with shm- (sometimes schm-), pronounced /ʃm/. The construction is generally used to indicate irony, sarcasm, derision, skepticism, or lack of interest with respect to comments about the discussed object:

He's just a baby! "Baby-shmaby". He's already 5 years old!

The speaker is being skeptical. They do not think their kid is a baby or babyish.

What a sale! "Sale, schmale". I'm waiting for a larger discount.

The speaker is showing lack of interest. They do not care about the sale.

Your example is analogous to the examples above.

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  • You fail to mention that the most important point: This came into English from Yiddish. – Lambie Oct 25 '19 at 15:48

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