How do you write a possessive of a noun that has a phrase describing it?


[The dog at the park]'s food

The food belongs to the dog, not the park. What is the proper way to write something like this?  


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You don't typically use the apostrophe-s possessive for complicated multi-word nouns.

The way you would write it is:

the food of the dog at the park

or, in this case it would sound better to me as

the food for the dog at the park

Little kids and people in a hurry who are speaking casually to their friends might say something like

the-dog-at-the-park-'s food

(sort of by accident), but that construction tends to sound humorous and make us chuckle, even though we do get the meaning.


I know what you mean. You mean "(The dog at the park)'s food" :-) This would solve it:

Food of the dog at the park


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