To state or demonstrate something of particular importance.

Above phrase, As a Non-native speaker, I'm not sure what is the relations between 'something' and 'particular importance'. Maybe it's because I simply understand that 'A of B' means B possesses A or A belongs to B or A is a part of B. By any chance... My guess is 'something of particular importance' means that 'One of the properties something has is particular importance.', right? So I mean, Not only can 'A of B' mean A ⊂ B, Can It also means B ⊂ A sometimes? So I mean, Is 'something of particular importance' equal to 'something is particular important'? Sorry for my terrible English.

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Your analysis is correct.

something of particular importance


something is particularly important

Where both "somethings" refer to a particular fact or property of the subject under discussion.


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