If I qualify a test conducted for various departments and I'm selected in, say, administrative group, what would be the right way to say it?

  1. I've been allocated to administrative group.
  2. I've got allocation in administrative group.

Is the usage of allocated/allocation correct? Also, please share alternative ways to say the same thing. I'm asking this because English is not my first language, I'm still a learner. I've realised that most of the sentences that the people of my area write or speak are not idiomatic to native speakers, which is why I now try to confirm whenever I come across sentences I'm unsure of.

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    I made your post more specific based on your title. Otherwise, it looks like "proofreading", which is off-topic here. If you can edit your post and add more details (e.g. explain why you are concerned), that would be better. See Details, Please and the Contributor's Guide (Asking) for more tips and examples.
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The first way: "I've been allocated" is better.

Unless you are treating the word "administration group" as a proper noun, you should use an article "... the administration group".

There are many other possible expressions:

My allocation is in the admin group.

They've allocated me to Administration.

I'm going to be an administrator.

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