"Yours is a new car" I have never seen or heard the use of "yours" like this before today, is this sentence grammatically correct?

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The sentence is grammatically correct. The pronoun 'yours' can refer to something that comes before or after - this applies to 'yours' and the other strong (or absolute) possessive pronouns - yours is a new car; mine is the black dog; hers is a red bicycle; his is a big house; theirs are nice hats; ours was the victory; its was the red roof (of a house).



the one(s) belonging to or connected with the person or group of people being spoken or written to:

Is this pen yours?
Unfortunately my legs aren't as long as yours.
I've got something of yours (= that belongs to you).
Yours is the room on the top floor, on the left.

Yours (Cambridge Dictionary)

Possessive pronouns

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