In Fallout 4, they use the term "power armor station", but I am wondering if there's any other word for these type of support object that holds a heavy armor in place.

enter image description here

This weird contraption doesn't seem to have a name in English. The armor is hung by the contraption.


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I think there isn’t a specific word for an “armor holder” because we don’t have heavy suits of armor that need to be suspended that way. We do have other heavy things that we suspend to work on, like engines, or use a device to help move around because they’re heavy, like large animals.

I think the term “lift” (A machine or device designed to pick up, raise, or carry something.) or even “armor lift” would apply. For example, this is a “truck lift”:

A truck on a lift with a man working on it from underneath

Lifts make heavy things easier to work on by suspending them at convenient heights. I’m not sure it completely captures the device in fallout, because I don’t think we typically store things on lifts.


Going only by common usage I've been exposed to in real world military settings, it seems to depend on the purpose of the thing doing the holding...

  • ... when it is being used to display the item, it's called a "stand"
  • ... when it's used to hold an item securely in position, it's called a "rack"
  • ... when it's used to manipulate an item for performing maintenance or supply, it's called a "lift" or a "dock"

So in the Fallout setting, it could generically be called a rack. Most players seem to call them stands, and lift or dock would still be acceptable.

Of course the game calls them stations, so technically that's the right answer regardless.

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