Can I use just with present continuous as in:

Mother: We are running late for dinner, where are you right now? Son: I am just getting home.

Friend A: Did you finish the last answer? Friend B: I was just finishing but the examiner snatched my copy.

Father: Have you finished your homework? Son: No, dad, I am just starting it, I need one more hour.

Are these uses of just grammartical and idiomatic?

I am a non native learner.

Thank you.

  • Yes, those are all grammatical and idiomatic uses. – Katy Sep 12 '19 at 5:29

"just" has quite a lot of meanings and nuances in different contexts. Yes, it can definitely go with the progressive, but there is a point at which you must understand whether it carries a meaning clear to the reader or the listener.

I am not a native speaker, but in my opinion the first sentence is not quite idiomatic, but still correct, since "just" here may well be switched by "only" and carry the following meaning:

  • I am only coming home.

This goes better without any extra adverbs.

The other two sentences are perfectly fine by me.

The "just" there says "exactly/right at the moment/at this very moment" which goes well with the portrayed meaning.

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