If the weather keeps up, they'll be swimming their horses round the track.

What is the meaning of swimming their horses here?


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You haven't provided context, so this is what I can say -

  • There's a horse race.
  • The weather is bad because it's raining heavily.
  • Since it's raining heavily, it's likely to flood.

This is a Hyperbole, because they are not likely to make their horses swim around the track.


This is a play on words.

"Running their horses" is a common phrase used in descriptions of horse racing. For example, when the owner of a horse puts the horse in a race, he is "running his horse".

The author is humorously suggesting that "if the weather keeps up", the race track will become either a mud pit or a lake. At that point, the only way that the jockeys will be able to have a race will be by "swimming their horses round the track."


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