What is meant by "I couldn't wait to leave" in the following dialogue:

  • One day a traveller was walking along a road on a journey from one village to another. He noticed a farmer working in a field of crops beside the road.
  • The traveller stopped for a moment, greeted the farmer, and said, ‘I’ve just been to the village in the mountains, and I am now on my way to the village in the valley. Have you been there? Can you tell me what that village is like?’
  • ‘How did you find the village in the mountains?’ asked the farmer.
  • ‘It was terrible,’ replied the traveller. ‘I couldn’t wait to leave. The people were cold and unwelcoming to me.

Kindly, can somebody rephrase it (i.e. I couldn't wait to leave) in a more clear way?

Thank you.

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The phrase "couldn't wait" refers to impatience and eagerness. The traveler is saying he was impatient and eager to leave so he could get away from the "cold and unwelcoming" people.


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