What does the phrase get me bloody please mean? Here is some context from a song :

Get me, get me bloody, please get me bloody

You can get down on your knees if you're naughty

It sounds for me like he wants to get a pleasure in the first line.

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    Could you reference the song here? More context is required to understand the meaning. – Gaʀʀʏ Sep 20 '19 at 15:43
  • Often only the author of the lyric knows the intended meaning, at times though even they don't know. – SovereignSun Sep 20 '19 at 15:52

In the context of the song you're referring to (X - Poppy), the singer is expressing a desire to be covered in blood.

As with many song lyrics it may be possible to infer some deeper meaning, but that meaning would be artistic interpretation rather than linguistic.


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