What's the natural way to express that you are not sure if your opposite opinion/conclusion is 100% correct, and politely ask if you misunderstand something.

Does "Do I misunderstand something?" sound natural?

For example:

Alice: "1+1=2"

Bob: "I think it should be 1+1=3, according to ....., do I misunderstand something?"

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While Do I misunderstand something? is not wrong, it's not entirely natural either.

More common expressions that express the same idea are the following:

Did I misunderstand something?
Am I misunderstanding something?
What don't I understand?


'Do I misunderstand something' is grammatically correct, however it would be better to say one the following:

  • Am I misunderstanding something?
  • What am I not understanding?
  • Am I not getting right here?
  • What don't I understand?
  • What am I getting wrong here?

These sound much more natural.

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