We sometimes use our eye(s) to draw someone's attention towards something being done or spoken to show as if we don't like it either, or as a taunt, saying:

'Ugh! Just look at this man! What he is saying is!'

What is the particular verb for this action? To give an optic gesture???

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    There are many, such as "rolled their eyes (in disgust)", "raised an eyebrow", "squeezed their eyes" etc. The rule is to just describe the movement.
    – Bella Swan
    Sep 25 '19 at 6:28
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    @ Bella Swan I think there must be a particular word used as a verb for this particular action. Like there is a verb 'wink' used as a private signal to somebody, or to show something is a joke
    – xeesid
    Sep 25 '19 at 7:02

You would just say "he/she gestured towards the man with his/her eyes". But there isn't a verb that combines all of these words into one.

Like some of the ideas mentioned in earlier comments, we would use a phrase:

  • focused his/her gaze towards the man
  • raised an eyebrow towards the man

The precise gesture may be culturally dependent, but I think "rolled his eyes" could describe this.

roll one's eyes
To turn one's eyes upward or around in a circle, usually as an expression of exasperation, annoyance, impatience, or disdain.

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