I'm translating a lawsuit (PDF). There are three sentences that use "challenged" and I wonder what it means in each case:

  1. As to interbrand competition, Sylvania, unlike Schwinn, had an insignificant market share at the time it adopted its challenged distribution practice and enjoyed no consumer preference that would allow its retailers to charge a premium over other brands.

    (Page 1, line 13.)

  2. This was precisely the theory on which the Government successfully challenged Schwinn's customer restrictions in this Court.

    (Page 3, line 3.)

  3. This Court relied on Schwinn's market position as one reason not to apply the rule of reason to the vertical restraints challenged there.

    (Page 6, line 7.)

Please reword in plain English because I'm not a native speaker.


In this context it means disputed (in a legal sense).

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