I think the question that was given to me is just about using an easier way.

I think the question I was given is just about using an easier way.

My question is: Are there any differences in grammar between the two sentence with passive voice or they are similar to each other?


[1] I think the question [that was given to me] is just about using an easier way.

[2] I think the question [that I was given] is just about using an easier way.

They have the same meaning but slightly different grammar.

In both examples, the bracketed relative clause modifies “question”.

The difference is that in [1] the recipient of the question is expressed by the PP “to me”, while in [2] by the subject “I”.

Both examples are ‘short’ passives, i.e. an agent by-phrase is omitted.


Somebody gave me that

The above sentence is in active voice.

The structure is Subject + verb + indirect object + direct object.

When there are two objects , you can make any one of them a subject.

So the two passive voice sentences are:

I was given that or .

That was given to me

There is no difference in meaning but I was given that is natural

  • "That was given to me" is more clear and anyone can understand its meaning easily in comparison to "I was given that" – mayank agrawal Oct 1 '19 at 10:54
  • The natural way is to start with a personal pronoun .It may be difficult for you. – successive suspension Oct 1 '19 at 11:15

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