I don't understand the meaning of in power

China’s Communist Party celebrated its 70th anniversary in power with a parade on Tuesday showcasing the country’s economic growth and newest weapons.


Does it mean the 70th anniversary of when it first got into power?

Thanks in advance..........

  • It might help to interpret it as the CP celebrating its 70th anniversary of being in power. Syntactically the cited usage could be understood as adverbially modifying celebrated (powerfully, in a powerful style, impressively), but in practice we all know the real-world referent, so that reading can be dismissed on semantic grounds. Commented Oct 2, 2019 at 17:26

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Yes it does, it basically means its been 70 years since China's communist party got into power.


The word power means a couple of things, depending on how you use it. According to Merriam Webster two of the definitions of power are as follows:

legal or official authority, capacity, or right

as well as ...

possession of control, authority, or influence over others

In terms of your sentence, power here relates to political power, namely the "legal or official authority" of a government (in this case the Chinese Communist Party) in that they are in "possession of control" of China and "have authority and influence over others", namely the Chinese people.

Adding the word in, in front of the word power just tells to us who held (or is currently holding) that political power.

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