I was watching Sky news live and the journalist said:

"And now, it's time for looking the weather".

I would have said:

"And now, it's time for look the weather".

Using look in infinitive form.

Could you explain me the reason for "looking" word in that situation? I looked for some grammar rule for that but I did not find anything.


Both are grammatically incorrect.

It should either be

"And now, it's time for looking at the weather". (a bit uncommon but correct)


"And now, it's time to look at the weather".


"For" is hardly ever followed by a bare infinitive. It nearly always requires a gerund.

This book is for making notes.

It is time for eating dinner.

However, that use is slightly strange:

It is time to eat dinner.

It is time to look at the weather.

Would be more common in most contexts.

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