Singapore is strategically situated off the southern tip of the Malay peninsular, neighboring to Indonesia and Malaysia with close proximity to major international shipping routes, and geographically located ca. 1° north of the equator with a tropical climate.

Can I use 'strategically situated' in this way? I am not really sure, because the location of Singapore is not a result of choice. 'Strategically ' sounds to me that it is a rational choice.


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Per my now-deleted comment,...

Singapore just happens to be located somewhere which is of strategic importance (in principle, it's the location that IS "strategic", rather than it having been a "strategic choice" to establish it there, though obviously the two "meanings / causes" overlap to some extent).

Sure - in some contexts, to be situated / placed / located could be the result of a deliberate "act of placement". And in OP's specific context, at least some element of that "volitional act" sense must inevitably apply. But unless you believe in a deity fully engaged in "micro-management" of the universe, that could hardly apply to...

Ceres was discovered in 1801 and is situated in the Asteroid Belt.

Who knows? Perhaps in our space-faring future, people will have reason to say Ceres is strategically situated in the Asteroid Belt.

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