Are the following expressions suitable while asking someone to cover and uncover the window with the blinds?

  • spread the blinds over the window

  • pull away the blinds

Secondly, how to ask someone to move forward one step or move back one step?

Could someone update me as I have never come across any suitable usage for the above situations?


Your phrases would be understandable, but typically we raise or lower blinds.

We can also draw the blinds, which can mean movement in either direction, as in drawing the curtains.


The sentences you have given are not necessarily incorrect, but they sound a little unnatural as they are literal directions. It would be better to use a singular verb just to combine everything you are trying to say. For example:

  • Can you draw the blinds? (closing)
  • Can you pull the blinds to (closing)
  • Can you shut the blinds? (closing)
  • Can you open the blinds? (opening)

I am not entirely sure of the context of your second question but to me, "can you move a step forwards/backwards?" sounds like a good option.

  • Your second bullet point is peculiar - is that a complete thought? If so, I have never heard the expression before ("Pull the blinds to")
    – Adam
    Oct 31 '19 at 21:34

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