I have found it in this article.

Maybe you're centered and at peace with yourself, secure that you have value to bring to the conversation. Or perhaps, you're lasering into an almost imperceptible social guffaw you committed, convinced that your conversation partner would rather undergo surgery of the Achilles tendon than talk to you.

Also I cannot understand the what commit a social guffaw mean. Could you explain that too?

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I think " Laser into " is a slang phrasal verb , and depend on what I saw on http://onlineslangdictionary.com it means " to focus intensely on something ". The writer gives the word a sense of action when you point into something by the laser, you will turn turn immediately to focus on the place of the point.


It's not a particularly idiomatic phrase, but judging from both the context and the surface meaning one can guess lasering into means something akin to concentrating or focusing on. Merriam-Webster lists:

Definition of laser:

something resembling a laser beam in accuracy, speed, or intensity

I'm assuming the author has turned the noun into a verb, and what's similar to a laser beam is the focus with which the addressee of the article treats their social misstep.

A social guffaw seems like a malapropism of gaffe - perhaps intentional for comedic/literary effect.

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