What similar expression could be used to replace such in

The historical roots of this concept extended to such non-numeric applications as legal evidence.

? I've looked up some meanings of such but wasn't able to find one that could be used as a substitute in the context above.

Source: The second bullet point under the 'Alternative views' section of this article.

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Your Wiktionary link has a definition that more or less fits under Pronoun:

  1. A person, a thing, people, or things like the one or ones already mentioned.

The definition is a bit lacking, because the things "already mentioned" can come after the pronoun as in your example using the "such ... as ..." construction.

A nearly equivalent sentence written a different way is:

The historical roots of this concept extended to non-numeric applications like legal evidence.

Wiktionary has another entry for such as and the following Usage Note fits here:

In the sense of “for example”, such as is preferred to like in formal writing.

But I find that definition somewhat lacking too because it doesn't exactly cover the usage as a pronoun.

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