Is it OK to use "can" in the if-clause of Type 1 conditional sentences?

For example:

I'll try to find the audio files later. If I can't find them I'll record everything for you.

Is this sentence grammatically correct?

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I will try to find the audio files later. If I can not find them, I will record everything for you

You can use can\ not or do\not in the if clause Type 1.There is no rule that prohibits the use of can in the probable condition.

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    Thank you! I have noticed that you corrected the first sentence. Shouldn't I use the article "the" before "audio files" if I am talking about specific audio files for a specific textbook? And why is "audiofiles" one word? My auto-correct is not happy about it. 😅 – Ling Oct 15 '19 at 9:30
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