I've got a command that says: Point to the items and color them. Say its name.

I'm sure it should be their instead of its, but I'm not 100% sure if it should be their name or their names.

  • Point to items? With your finger? Anyway, it's plural so it should be their.
    – Lambie
    Oct 15, 2019 at 15:15

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Here's my example:

"Kudos to Jane and Sam. They added their names early to the meeting agenda." → 2 students each of them have one name = 2 names. Plural.

This is based on my own logic, not any grammatical rules that I can refer to.

Following the same thinking:

"Jane and Sam are here. Their mom is waiting outside." → 2 kids with the same mom = 1 mom. Singular.

"Jane and Sam just pulled up. Their cars are outside." → 2 people, 2 different cars.

"Jane and Sam just pulled up. Their car is outside." → 2 people together in 1 car.

Hope this helps someone!


Items(plural), so you would say their names.

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