Is the casual 'inflated abdomen' of a pregnant woman still referred as an abdomen or it has a specific name? (formally rather than slang). I couldn't find information about that, but it seems that some times it referred as a uterus or womb. Isn't it?

I think that it's not appropriate for a stranger to touch [a ---?] of a pregnant woman, even-though in some of the culture it's considered normal.

N.b. Now I found here that it's referred as 'belly'. That's a slang or formal English?

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In decreasing order of formality, common and appropriate ways of discussing this body part are abdomen, stomach and belly. Belly is certainly not the most formal term, but I wouldn't call it slang.

Referring to a woman's "pregnant belly" is very common--much more common than "pregnant stomach" or "pregnant abdomen." (See this ngram)

"Inflated abdomen" is not a common or idiomatic term.

Womb and uterus both refer to the internal structure where the baby grows, not anything that can be touched from the outside.

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