What is the difference between "light" and "slight"? How to use these words correctly in different cases?

  • I thought this was a decent question. Yes the words can be looked up in a dictionary, but they both have multiple meanings which are very different. The OP would need to know firstly which meanings are comparable, and even if they did work that out from the context, there is also a degree of understanding the difference between weight and mass. – Astralbee Oct 21 at 9:45

Both words have multiple meanings, but the meanings which are synonymous would be:

light: weighing very little, or less than average.

slight: small in degree; inconsiderable.

Light is therefore a reference to weight, whereas slight refers to size, or mass. Obviously, an object's mass and weight are very different things.

When said about a person, "slight" suggests that they are thin, not very tall, or do not look very strong. We don't usually describe an object as being "slight", but we might say "a slight amount" of something, meaning little of it.

Either an object or a person could be described as "light" if it is light in weight.

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