Here is a short piece from one of my books called 365 Self-Displines.

My goal to build a successful company was of immense importance to me, but the path I chose was making me so miserable that I hated waking up every morning. I could have pressed on, tapping into the deepest reservoirs of my willpower, but ultimately life was telling me that this path wasn't for me.

So what's the meaning of "press on" in this context? I looked up dictionary, which says it means to continue with a task. Or is it like press a button on the reservoirs? I am not sure about it. I am torn between the two meanings.

Thank you!

  • @FumbleFingers I think I got the meaning of it. As you mentioned it means being reluctant to undertake the things the author doesn't like. I guess the author might refer to other books or other sources before his own thoughts come into being. Anyway, thanks for your answer. It really helps – Jesse Oct 18 '19 at 12:54

Pressing on means to continue what you were doing in spite of the obstacles. Usually, in this case, the obstacles have revealed themselves after the task has begun so one must re-evaluate one's commitment to the task. In other words, the task just got a lot harder. For this commitment, one must dig into one's (perhaps as yet unrecognized) personal resolve and strength (the reservoirs).

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