If finished our meal last minute, and my friend call me and ask us to come to have a meal with him, which of the following two is correct in this context?

We are just done with our meal now, Thank you.


We were just done with our meal now. Thank you.

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    It's simply the first one. The sentence literally has "now" in it - you are referring to "now" absolutely. (You would only - sort of - use the second sentence in the unusual case you were talking about "a sequence of events that happened say last year" but then you would not say "now", of course.) – Fattie Oct 25 at 17:51
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    Note that you usually - but not always - say "... just now done with X ..." rather than "... just done with X now...". But that does not affect what you are asking. – Fattie Oct 25 at 17:54

You have been invited to a meal, but you have just finished eating one.

I think a native English speaker would phrase it differently

Thank you, but we have just finished eating.

  • Thank you, but anyway it was important to me to know the tense while using the word done. In which situations I have to use done or 'finished'? (I really don't have idea, and they always look to me equal) – Judicious Allure Oct 25 at 19:35
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    @JudiciousAllure Personally, as a UK Native English speaker "finished" sounds more natural. "Thank you, but we have just done eating.", to my ear, sounds more American usage. But both are in common use. – Peter Jennings Oct 26 at 12:26

Were, since you are no longer eating.

For 'are' you could phrase it

We are finished with our meal just now. Thank you.

or, colloquially

We just got done eating, but thanks anyway.

  • "Were, since you are no longer eating." That's completely, totally wrong! – Fattie Oct 25 at 17:49

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