1. "I love sweets the best"
  2. "I love sweets the most"

Which sounds more natural? Is there a small change in meaning, or am I imagining it?

Does it sound fine to add "of all food" at the end? For example

"I love sweets the best of all food"

I think it would be better to say

"Sweets are my favorite food"

but I'm still curious about saying it the other way.

  • Some people would argue that sweets are not food so the following would sound better "I prefer sweets over food". Oct 29, 2019 at 14:15

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"I love sweets the most"

sounds more natural in my opinion.
dropping "the" in "I love sweets the best" to make

"I love sweets best"

also works, and appending "of all food" makes your sentence more verbose but does not change the meaning in any way


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