I encountered the word at the title reading this article, saying,

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The payday-loan business was in decline. Regulators were circling, storefronts were vanishing and investors were abandoning the industry’s biggest companies en masse.

I googled payday but my anti-virus soft says no to access to almost every websites regarding this word.

Could someone explain? (Probably a loan you can get without any collateral?)


  • Why did you search for “payday” instead of “payday-loan”? Why did you search all of the Internet instead of using a dictionary? ldoceonline.com/dictionary/payday-loan – ColleenV parted ways Oct 30 '19 at 15:10
  • @ColleenV I simply didn't expect the definition can be available at dictionaries..sorry. – Kentaro Oct 30 '19 at 15:12

A pay-day loan is a loan until pay day. The idea being that you receive the money now to tide you over until your next pay cheque.

Google definitions defines this as:

a relatively small amount of money lent at a high rate of interest on the agreement that it will be repaid when the borrower receives their next wages.

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