In the morning, I ask:

what will you have for lunch?

what do you have for lunch?

which one is correct?

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    Can you provide more detail about the circumstances and what you're trying to say? Both are "correct" but have different meanings and different scenarios where they would be appropriate. Is the asker a service staff member at a hotel or restaurant? Is the person being asked packing a lunch for later? Etc.
    – TypeIA
    Oct 31, 2019 at 5:49
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    Just ask a friend what he wanna eat.
    – h3xi4oy1
    Oct 31, 2019 at 6:03

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I would add this as a comment, but I don't have enough reputation.

I would probably say "What will you have for lunch?" or "What will you be having for lunch" or "What are you having for lunch?".

"What do you have (with you) for lunch" implies that he is already carrying his lunch with him, and you're just asking what he has.

If I'm buying my friend lunch, I would say: "What would you like for lunch?" or "What do you feel like eating for lunch?" or "What do you want for lunch?".


Both are correct grammar but the meaning is different. In the context of asking a friend about lunch later that day:

What will you have for lunch?

…means that he has already decided what he will eat, and you are asking what his decision was.

What do you have for lunch?

…means that he usually eats the same thing for lunch each day, and you are asking what it is. Or, if your friend brought his lunch with him and hasn't eaten it yet, this question asks what he brought. For the second case, you could also say "What did you bring for lunch?" (This is more ordinary.)

If you are going to buy lunch or make lunch later, you say one of these:

What would you like for lunch?
What would you like to have for lunch?
What would you like to get for lunch?
What would you like to eat for lunch?
Where would you like to go for lunch? [if lunch will be at a restaurant]
What do you want for lunch?

These ask your friend to tell you his desire, or to make a decision right now. They do not assume that the decision has already been made.

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