Search for the man is still on.

Talks with the country are on for the purchase of the product.

Is the word on working as an adjective in this context?

Can I say:

Maths class is on tomorrow.

Thanks in advance.


I would add this as a comment, but I don't have enough reputation.

For the first two sentences, 'ongoing' feels like a better word choice. 'On' can imply that the event is scheduled to take place in the future. Eg: "Is the party still on?" or "The search is on!"

In regards to the question, 'on' seems to be functioning as the predicate adjective, which modifies the nouns: '(the) search', '(the) talks' and '(the) maths class'. Here are the simplified sentences to better show how it acts as the predicate adjective (which modifies the noun):

The search is on / ongoing.

The talks are on / ongoing.

The maths class is on.

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