If I want to refer to a woman who has blue eyes, I can say "The woman whose eyes are blue". Is there a similar way to refer to a house, for example, that has blue door? "The house ?? door is blue".

I know there are some other ways to refer to the house, for example, "The house with the blue door", I am specifically curious about that particular way.

  • Why do you think "whose" cannot work in the "house" example? – AIQ Nov 1 '19 at 4:04

There is an equivalent. In fact, it's as equivalent as they come. It's...


whose adjective

: of or relating to whom or which especially as possessor or possessors
// whose gorgeous vesture heaps the ground
— Robert Browning

, agent or agents
// the law courts, whose decisions were important
— F. L. Mott

, or object or objects of an action
// the first poem whose publication he ever sanctioned— J. W. Krutch


You may think that because we don't say "the house who has a blue door," we can't say, "the house whose door is blue," but that isn't true. Non-living things can be modified by whose.

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