Why "fall asleep to the music" not "fall asleep with the music"?

I think with would be better but there's nobody use with in this case. Why? How should I pick the prep word?

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    Asking "why" for language usage often does not really help. Language communities have their habits, and they are often a bit arbitrary. Like history. It has just so developed. Commented Nov 3, 2019 at 13:38

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When we discuss an activity done while a sound or sounds are being made (for example, while music is playing), we use the 'to' preposition: dance, hum, tap fingers, move, etc to the music.

preposition (AT THE SAME TIME AS)
at the same time as music or other sound:
I like exercising to music.
He left the stage to the sound of booing.

To (Cambridge Dictionary)

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