For instance, here's a sentence

As shown in the video from a CCTV camera, [clause].

Is it okay? I'm also not completely sure about "in the video". You say "in the movie" or "in the book" so it's logical, at first sight. However, you release something "on" video or upload something "on" the internet.


... shown in the video ...

That is fine.

"By" would work if you said something like this

This video has been recorded by a CCTV camera on the corner of ...

"The footage showed Chang purposely lowering his head to avoid being captured on video by the CCTV in the lift." - google

In your sentence, "from" is the the appropriate choice.

"The video from the CCTV cameras show how the shells fall into the oil tanks ..." - google

If you wanted to avoid the use of "from/by" in your sentence, you could rewrite it like this

"As shown in the CCTV footage, ..." or "As can be seen in the CCTV footage, ..."


“From” should be used to explain the source of the video.

“On video” means a video is the type of record—not a book.

“Upload to” a specific site.

“In a video” means there may be other content.

Otherwise it would be better to say, “the video shows” something

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