Take this with you. Vs. Bring this to me. What should I take? vs, What should I bring?

To me the verb, take and bring are antonyms of different directions. Am I correct?

which is correct in a occation where I ask someone about what to pack for a camping trip? What should I take? vs. What should I bring?

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I wouldn't say they are direct antonyms.

Give and Take would be considered antonyms. They are opposing actions.

Take and Bring are more indicative when you should actually possess the item, although subtle:

Take a torch with you

Have a torch in your possession when you leave.

In this instance it's not strictly necessary to still have the item when you arrive at your destination - 'Take a drink with you' - you can drink this on the journey

Bring a torch with you

Have a torch in your possession when you arrive.

When you arrive, you need to have this item with you - 'Bring a drink with you' - You don't need to have this when you leave (your house for example) but by the time you arrive, you need to have it (You could pick a drink up in a shop on the way)

For a list of items for camping - the two can usually be used synonymously though.

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